Technology at the service of the future
Xc Engineering
Technology at the service of the future


Founded in 2006, XC Engineering Srl is all our aspirations come true.

An engineering company specialising in numerical simulation and CFD. Engineering challenges for sectors such as hydraulics, additive manufacturing, foundry and fluid dynamics are our core business. By our side we have the best simulation software.

Our aim is to be at the side of SMEs, to accompany them step by step in the implementation of virtual simulation tools, and at the side of large companies, to build ad hoc solutions for complex engineering problems.

At the heart of XC Engineering are its people. We value expertise; we promote a working environment which facilitates discussion.
We believe in dialogue with the customer and cooperation with Europe's leading R&D companies, a gateway to technological innovation.

Competence, creativity and technology drive us.
To build the future, together.

Open minds and solid values Team

We shape XC Engineering. A mix of creativity, curiosity and skills. A diverse team of world experts: engineers, programmers and interface creators, specialists in numerical methods and simulation.
Stefano Mascetti
Amministratore e CFD engineer
Filippo Palo
Commercial Director e CFD engineer
Raul Pirovano
Technical Director e CFD engineer
Davide Molteni
Sviluppatore GUI e Rendering
Matteo Cesaratto
Sviluppatore algoritmi e CFD engineer
Paolo Airoldi
Sviluppatore algoritmi e CFD engineer