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We want to help companies tackle engineering challenges with effective and efficient use of virtual simulation, with the aim of reducing waste, maximising performance, and decreasing time and costs.
We do this by building ad hoc solutions, based on a deep knowledge of numerical methods, combined with curiosity and creativity.
XC Engineering


We want to help create a world where technology serves the wellbeing of people and the environment.

We believe in people and in the bonds which can be created: we promote a close relationship with the customer, to fully understand his problems and difficulties, and to help him step by step in his technological journey, ensuring the achievement of shared goals.

Our aim is to contribute to the creation of technologies which serve human wellbeing.

Xc Engineering

Why choose usOur strengths


We reach where commercial software struggles to perform and be effective, with our mix of skills.


We want the impact of what we do to be reflected in society, to help create a better world for all.


We help companies to make more and better use of digital simulation technologies to optimise processes and increase competitiveness.


We support the customer in long-term partnerships to make the path from selection to production of the numerical simulation easier and safer.

Get to know each other betterReviews

FLOW-3D enables accurate prediction of the risk of premature shut-off, accurate dynamics of the inlet check valve, and correct prediction of pressure in the system. This is why FLOW 3D is routinely used by Plastic Omnium to simulate tank filling performance. Filling simulation with FLOW 3D is part of the development process.

Plastic Omnium

It’s the inherent simplicity of FLOW-3D which makes it useful for solving real-world problems. Rather than spending large amounts of time before processing (e.g. setting up problems), users can devote their time to applying the results of their work.

John Richardson
Blue Hill Hydraulics

FLOW-3D is a useful tool for Reutter applications. It helps to pre-empt and optimise solutions in the procurement phase and to identify the root cause in the event of a failure.

Nicola Fiore
Reutter Group

The course was well organised, the trainers were well prepared: it will definitely help me in my work.

Peyman Jafarian
Simulation Engineer, Vicura

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Huge potential for solving specific problems.
Cutting-edge technology which improves performance and increases companies' competitiveness.


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