Made to fit real needsCustom Development

Each customer is different, each customer's need requires a specific solution.
Therefore, among the services we are committed to offering is the development of customised multi-physics simulation software (Windows and Linux environment), tailored to the specific requests we receive.

Ad hoc solutions

The combination of the skills we have gained in the field of digital modelling and our experience in the development of graphical user interfaces and 3D graphics gives the XC Engineering team the necessary know-how to produce software of a high technical level in terms of modelled physical equations, and with a user-friendly graphical user interface. Whether it’s expansion modules for the FLOW-3D suite or stand-alone proprietary applications, we’re your ideal partner.

What can we do?

Customisation of existing commercial software to extend solver capabilities and model new physical phenomena based on proprietary know-how
Development of plug-ins to interface different software
Design of new ad-hoc software, under private licence, based on the customer's confidential know-how
Xc Engineering