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We help companies to be more competitive by using state-of-the-art engineering simulation software.
Each with its own peculiarities, each suited to a specific sector.
Where commercial software doesn't reach, we develop dedicated solutions to meet every need.


The solution for predicting the behaviour of hydraulic flows, their interaction with soil and moving structures, air or other fluids?

With three-dimensional virtual simulations, it is possible to reproduce all kinds of events on a real scale, with extreme realism, without resorting to costly experimental tests, and without settling for oversimplified or approximate answers.

The software we use is FLOW-3D HYDRO: precise, fast and user-friendly.


An effective tool for analysing any type of casting and solidification process?

All the complex parameters involved and the complicated multiphysics inherent in the foundry process, coupled with the high cost and difficulty of experimental analysis, make the use of simulation software essential.

For us, the ideal partner is the FLOW-3D CAST: accurate, versatile and user-friendly.


How can we optimise our 3D printing process, finding the optimal parameters to set our machines and obtain perfect parts?

The complexity of the problem which involves many different physical models makes three-dimensional CFD digital simulation the best solution to solve the problem.

FLOW-3D AM is our choice: simple to use, flexible, accurate and specialised in micro-scale simulation.


Software capable of simulating liquid dynamics on small scales?

In small- or very small-scale processes, fluid dynamics plays a key role.

The solution we found is FLOW-3D: detailed, multi-physics analysis and reduced costs.


The solution capable of analysing so many different processes in a sector as vast as the automotive industry?

The numerous outputs and flexibility offered by the numerical simulation make it the most suitable tool in areas such as the design of refuelling systems, tank sloshing, metal or plastic production, lubrication, external aerodynamics and many more.

We rely on FLOW-3D software: versatile, accurate, high-performance.


What tool can help us in the design or manufacturing phase of a daily-use consumer product in which free-surface flows play a key role?

Whether we’re thinking of bottle fillings, plumbing drains, plastic component mouldings, mixers or dispensers, CFD software for free-surface, transient flow simulation with rich multiphysics is the answer we’re looking for.

We choose FLOW-3D: highly detailed, flexible and user-friendly.


The solution to optimise process parameters and choose the best machinery configuration to achieve solid, fault-free welding?

Software capable of offering an accurate simulation of the melting and solidification phase, controlling the evolution of the microstructure, the inclusion of air and defects is what we need.

Our answer is FLOW-3D WELD: fast, effective, extremely precise.


The ideal tool for aerospace modelling of all highly dynamic, multi-phase phenomena, analysing fluid dynamics and structural deformations simultaneously?

The answer is software capable of effectively simulating applications such as sloshing dynamics, zero-gravity, with multi-phase fluids and elastic membranes, but also nozzles with supersonic flows or aeroelastic structures subjected to unsteady force fields.

The solution we propose is FLOW-3D: versatile, reliable, able to take numerous physical phenomena involved into account.


The solution for analysing the effects of wave motion, tides, underwater currents and wind on fixed or mobile structures, the seabed or coastlines?

Multiphysics CFD simulation is the ideal answer; the capabilities of modern simulation software allow these phenomena to be studied quickly and in great detail.

Our choice is the FLOW-3D software: user-friendly and accurate, inherently transient and solution-oriented for free-surface flows.